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    Beloved,Glory to God,hear the word of God.JESUS CHRIST speaking.The Father love me because I am willing to give up my life,in order that I may recieve it back again.No one take my life away from me,I give it up of my own free will.(read-Jn-10-17-18...Acts-4-12...Jn-3-3-18)Soon God´s offer of mercy and salvation through Christ Jesus will closed.If you are going to be born of God to Christ,you mustn´t wait any longer."For what shall it profit a man ,if he shall gain the whole word,and lose his own soul(read-Math-16-26)"Think for a second,what is there in this doomed world that is worth you burnig in Hell for an eternity? The world´s career is over,as well as the careers of everyone in the world.everthing you might desire in his world will soon be gone forever.It is just a waste of time and effort to work for anyone other than the LORD JESUS CHRIST or for a goal other than Heaven.So if you wish to make Heaven your goal than begin now without any further delay.Some will be planning or pursuing their routine,daily or nightly promiscuities,or making their usual planes to foolishly spend their paychecks on friday and sunday.Some will be going to their socail or work,school,and housecleaning.Some will be going to their political activities,looking for new form of entertaiment,buying selling,etc.Do they understanding the present time?.The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber,because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believe.(read-Rom-13-11.)HAVE U ever asked Jesus to come in to your life?or you are not sure you are save, if your answer is no.Pray this prayer with sincerity and confidence....LORD JESUS,I come to you today.I am a sinner,I can NOT help myself,forgive me my sins.cleanse me with your blood,deliver me From sin and satan,to serve the living GOD.today,LORD I accept you as my LORD, And my personal saviour.thank you JESUS,for saving me.There is joy in heaven over the repentance of one sinner.(read- luke-15-7-10...Rom-10-8-10)UR ETERNITY with Christ JESUS is our concern.For more help ask HOLY SPIRIT lead you to any Bible Church close to you.We will like to pray with you and be ur friend.Jesus Christ loves you. Christ´s return is imminent-Reject 666 Revelation 13:8-18: 9"He who has an ear, let him hear.Amen.REPENT TODAY

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